Find out how tree trimming can benefit your trees

Tree trimming is the act of trimming trees in built environments, such as roads, gardens and parks. Trees are essential for shade, privacy, and a greener planet. Too many trees can lead to traffic problems in urban and suburban areas, as well as lower property values. Trimming trees can be performed to correct structural concerns and landscape aesthetics. They can also be performed to beautify the site and increase safety.

Tree trimming is often necessary for both private and public gardens. Tree trimming serves two purposes: safety and aesthetics. The aesthetic value is increased when trees with overlapping branches are removed. This makes the landscape more uniform and less intrusive. Safety benefits are greater when branches that could cause fall-related injuries or tripping are removed.

There are many reasons trees can be cut down.

One is the removal of old growth that is unappealing or poses a hazard. Other times, trees may be cut down when they become hazardous, diseased or grow in undesirable ways. Another reason for tree trimming is for landscape enhancement. Tree pruning can also be used interchangeably to remove old, thick tree branches that block walkways and create sidewalk boards. Landscaping improvement is done through thinning out dense, old growth trees to make walkways and planting new ones in their place.

There are two types to tree trimming:

horizontal or vertical. Horizontal branches can be cut at the top, while vertical ones can be trimmed on either side. Whichever method is used, the objective is to create a treescape with fewer trees with more focus on the main focal point, which is the tree or shrub. Often, trimming is used to enhance aesthetics.

A professional tree trimming service can improve the landscape and increase safety. For instance, trees that are overgrown or growing dangerously close to power lines can pose a risk to people walking or biking nearby. Also, branches that have been neglected could fall and injure others. The safety of others is always the priority, even if a tree trimming service has to be hired.

A tree trimming company can provide many other benefits than aesthetics. The first is that professionals can easily distinguish between healthy and unhealthy branches. Healthy branches should be properly trimmed. However, unhealthy branches can cause fungal and bacterial decay and may affect overall health. Healthy branches will not grow into or break off from other areas. Overgrown or diseased trees can become heavier and more hazardous and increase the risk of accidents. Trimming out diseased branches may help prevent smaller accidents from becoming much larger ones.

A tree trimming service can also be helpful in removing dead trees. Many specialize in one type of tree trimming: they can cut them back, prune them, or even fell them. This helps to ensure that the branches are not too thin and out of control. Pruned branches may not cause damage to the landscape. This specialization is particularly useful in urban areas where fall foliage growth can block street views.

Tree trimming can be expensive. However, hiring a qualified professional who can do it right can save you money in long-term. Trees must be trimmed, sawed, pruned and maintained to look their best throughout the year. A certified arborist can be a cost-saving option for tree care and trimming. They will also provide years of enjoyment and service.