Home Inspection Services – Hiring a Professional Engineer or P.E.T.C.

It is a good idea for you to hire a Home Inspection Engineer if you are looking to buy a home. An Engineering/Home Inspection is needed to assess the house you are planning to buy to make sure it is sound and safe for living in. This will save you money, time, and headaches. There are different types of home inspectors that you can consult to ensure that you get the right professional for the job.

A. A home inspection is perhaps the most important step of the home-buying process.

A Home Inspection Engineer will inspect the house for visible and hidden defects. Some defects are structural problems, while others are mechanical issues.

These problems could include a leaky roof, leaking pipes, problems with heating systems, plumbing, electrical systems, heating system problems, and leaky pipes. Some of these defects need immediate repairs and others can be corrected over time. It depends on what kind of problem they are looking to identify. Most home inspectors are not licensed to repair structural defects, however; there are home inspectors who are licensed to identify and repair defective electrical systems. The type and nature of the problems found during a home inspection will depend upon who was hired.

B. Sometimes a problem that needs to be repaired can be addressed with a simple repair and that is what the home inspection engineer is trained to do. A home inspection engineer can fix a leaky faucet. A home inspector will also recommend what to do if there is a structural problem.

C. When an inspection is being done, other than inspecting for basic systems, the home inspection engineer will also inspect the major appliances, air conditioning systems, heating systems, etc. An example of this would be an air conditioning repair in which the refrigerant lines have been damaged and will require replacement. The same goes for replacing a faulty heater. They inspect for leaks and faulty connections. They inspect all major electrical systems and test them to make sure they work properly.

D. You are allowed to ask questions as the inspection progresses.

However, it is not a good idea to ask questions during the inspection process unless you want to make sure the inspector has your understanding of the code requirements. To discuss legal issues, it is a good idea to consult a licensed attorney.

E. The home inspection engineer has training and is certified by the Florida Department of Financial Services. You should ask to see their credentials. Check to make sure they are licensed professionals with current status certificates. A P.E.T.C. holds a certification card, they have completed their training and are authorized to work in this particular field by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

F. It is essential that the home inspector company meets your insurance company’s requirements. Certain qualifications are required by insurance companies for licensed contractors and professional engineers. You should do your homework before you choose a company. Ask questions and search online for reviews about the company that you are interested in. The home inspections and repairs that are done should meet your needs and the requirements of your insurance company.

G. Make sure that the home inspector and the P.E.T.C. have a record of accomplishment. Have a track record of accomplishment. A licensed professional engineer or an engineer who is registered with the division of the Department of Financial Service to practice, while a P.E.T.C. A certificate from the Florida Department of Financial Services that certifies that the engineer and contractor have had experience with radon gas.

H. Real estate agents recommend hiring a licensed home inspection engineer and P.E.T.C. To conduct the inspection. Agents often deal directly with several contractors, so they can be alerted to any problems. You know that house hunters have many concerns about the house’s condition.

I hope you find the article useful. For more information, you can hire a professional engineer (or P.E.T.C.) to inspect your home and make suggestions for fixing any problems. When choosing a home inspection service, it is important to hire an engineer who has a track record of success.